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Susan Sontag


After a career with the South Australian Police Force and gaining his pilot’s licence in 1986, Garry Schilling entered sales as a commission representative.  Always liking the idea of working for himself, in 1996 and using one Learjet 35A, he started a jet charter business.  His clients included the Australian Federal Government and members of the Australian Cricket Team. 


In 2007, he re-met his now wife and together they established a fresh flower business, making various unique floral products, hiring staff and selling to supermarkets throughout South Australia and Northern Territory. They chose to close it in 2016 when he was diagnosed with cancer. 


It was during treatment and recovery of cancer he laid down certain parameters of his ideal business.  Topping this list was to have fun


And so, a collection of fabulously diverse tours and experiences was born and which became known as - 


                        The Platinum Experiences 



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